Monday, July 13, 2015

Gays, Bad Theology & Unrepentent Hearts

In his post http: "When  Churches Make People Need Therapy or Why Anti-Gay Christianity is an Abomination"  James F. McGrath comments on Shane Dawson's video about his struggles with being gay:

"By the end of the video, we learn that he (i.e. Shane) still believes in God. I was moved by his discovery of the reality that a God who made him this way will not condemn him for being the way he is.  As a progressive Christian, I have to say that the conservative forms of Christianity that make people feel this way about themselves – and about the love they feel for others – are something terrible...Indeed, let me suggest that there is one word that seems particularly apt…Anti-gay Christianity is an abomination."

Let's analyze Shane's statement:  "that a God who made him this way will not condemn him for being the way he is."

First thing that strikes me is that according to Shane it's God's fault that he is gay because God made Him that way. However, according to the Bible, God didn't make him that way but Adam did by sinning. His sin is like a hereditary gene that is in each of us. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Jesus is Walking Beside Me, The Holy Spirit is Living in Me

Christian churches today often emphasize Christian service and ministries. These are very valuable and noble Christian activities. However, there's another important part of our Christian life  and we are often too busy to do it.