Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Christian Dilemma: The Lotto Ticket

One of my great weaknesses in my Christian life used to be buying lotto tickets. I figured it wasn't a sin because all I was doing was asking God: Can I have $17 million today? He would answer me either yes or no (Makes sense to me!.)

God Didn't Give His Best Friend a "To Do List"

Enoch was very special to God and God commended him publicly.  In fact, Enoch was so special that God spared him the suffering of dying a physical death.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pilgrims Progress Today: About This Blog

This post and the "About This Blog" page accessed through the Pilgrims Progress Today header are my blog objectives and the scriptures they are based on. This post and the "About This Blog" page are identical because now and in the future I want my readers to have easy access to my blog's mission.

One Reason Jesus Was Sad

One of the objectives of Pilgrims Progress Today is for all of us to get to know God better.